What Is the Difference Between Shippers and Mailers?

Shopping trends are changing, and people are quickly turning to online platforms.

What Is the Difference Between Shippers and Mailers?

It is due to increased convenience and a more comprehensive selection at the best prices. Companies pack goods in shipping boxes and deliver them to the customer's door. It is why these packaging solutions have become increasingly important in recent years. However, many confuse shipping and mailer boxes, thinking they are the same thing. They differ in many ways. To get a better idea of the differences between the two, the following few lines will look at both types in more detail.

Regular mailer boxes are stylish, sturdy, and versatile for dropping off mail quickly. It fits any color and is suitable for retail gift boxes, subscription boxes, and e-commerce packaging.


It can be challenging to tell the difference between the two types above, as they share many similarities. However, size is an accessible area to distinguish. You can use both types based on the size and type of product. Compared to mailer packaging solutions, shipping boxes are more extensive and suitable for significant developments. On the other hand, mailer boxes are relatively small, and you can use them to deliver medium to small items.


You can identify packaging solutions, by the way, they will assemble. All boxes have been built in different ways, giving the package a different look. The same applies to packaging solutions for shipping and mail, which assemble them in different ways and therefore have different visible shapes. Mailer boxes are straightforward to create, and they usually have a lid and are often used for packaging baked goods. On the other hand, Mailer solutions have been designed to protect and transport large quantities of products and therefore require extra strength and durability. They are also available in two-piece versions, usually with lids on both sides.

Types of application

In general, commercially available packaging solutions you can tailor to specific industries. However, due to their extensive contents, you can use some boxes in multiple sectors. To illustrate the applications and types of packaging, we'll take a closer look at their respective functions. Transport packaging is typically used in factories and industries to transport manufactured goods to the appropriate stores, and you should use it for commercial purposes. They are ideal for wholesale, where retailers pack products together and send them to customers in shipping boxes. Mailboxes, on the other hand, are slightly different. Retailers also use them to deliver orders to customers. The main difference, however, is that the general public can use mailboxes to send gifts to their loved ones.

The materials used for their manufacture

You can differentiate these boxes by the materials used in their manufacture. Companies use Cardboard for custom shipping boxes. Indeed, corrugated Cardboard is one of the most resistant materials needed for transportation to remote areas. Mailboxes, on the other hand, are made of different materials. Cardboard and corrugated Cardboard are the main options, with corrugated materials often used for shipping box packaging solutions.

Durability is an essential requirement for mail and shipping boxes. And that's precisely what you get when you buy from Paper Mart. We offer a wide range of mailer boxes, including special sizes for hard-to-pack items such as DVDs and books.


Shipping and parcel solutions vary widely in price. Shipping boxes are relatively expensive because of their size. The larger the size, the more materials, and resources are required to manufacture the final product. Parcel post, on the other hand, is much less expensive. 

They are relatively small and straightforward to assemble. Both of these things help to reduce the overall cost of the product. The good news is that you can purchase both types of products from online stores and at reasonable prices due to the competition in the online market. Overall, both types have large boxes and are reasonably priced. Finally, there are also many sellers in the wholesale market. If you want these packaging solutions at a reasonable price, you can choose wholesale shipping boxes.

Shipping boxes and custom mailer boxes differ in many ways. However, they also share similar features; the main differences are size and usage. By reading the above, you can familiarize yourself with both types' main features and determine which is best for your business.

Mailer boxes help secure your product during shipping.

When running an online business, the first thing to remember is to take care of your products. If you have delivered a product to the customer in a broken condition, it will not make a good impression.

Also, customers will never return to a brand that does not take care of its products, which can damage the brand's reputation. To protect yourself from this embarrassment, you should look for solid and durable packaging materials, such as Kraft paper or Cardboard.

Many people want to know why they buy certain brands in the first place. Then they discover the secrets of eco-friendly shipper packaging, which is a more attractive and secure option in today's market.

The success of a product can be attributed not only to aesthetically pleasing labels but also to environmentally friendly materials that lend quality and a positive image to the brand. That's why our wholesale mailer boxes are made of eco-friendly craft materials, which are ideal for building consumer loyalty.

We know that every retailer wants to do a better job than others, so we must be intelligent and original when printing and creating retail packaging. These custom small box packaging can complement branded products by increasing consumer loyalty with their green factor.

Choose green boxes for packaging, shipping, and display to give your products a beautiful presentation. Custom mailboxes allow you to select attractive labels, graphics, colors, and designs. Therefore, your product must be unique to stay creative and innovative in a competitive market.


One of the most important aspects of online shopping is that the goods reach the customer without damage. By choosing the right type and size of box and envelope and ensuring that the parcel arrives at the customer intact, you will reduce returns and ultimately contribute to the bottom line.