The Right Coat for the Occasion

A coat is a garment that has the ability to turn an ordinary look into extraordinary. Nowadays designers are coming up with coats in different cuts, sizes, colors, and shapes.

The Right Coat for the Occasion
The Right Coat for the Occasion

A coat is a garment that has the ability to turn an ordinary look into extraordinary. Nowadays designers are coming up with coats in different cuts, sizes, colors, and shapes. You can pair these coats with ties, pocket square handkerchiefs, striped shirts, and much more. Navy blazer with khaki pants is a classic combination and a perfect blend of casual-formal. But you don’t need to stick to the same style and conventions anymore, especially when you have so many options and a coat to suit every occasion. Let’s have a look at some of the events and the best coat to go. 


#1. A Date Night


If you’re going on a date with your significant other, you would need a coat that is comfortable, stylish, and warm. However, it’s also important that the coat reflects your individual style. A parka jacket would be a good choice for a date night because it is well insulated and can be worn with suits as well as casual wear. The parka coat design has undergone some changes over the years. The style with faux fur-lined hood is very popular these days; it provides you additional comfort and makes you look incredibly stylish. 


#2. Office Routine


Overcoats are a good choice to wear at your workplace. Choose between a single-breasted and double-breasted overcoat depending on the nature of your job and the culture at your office. If it’s semi-casual you can wear the former and if strictly formal, you should go for the latter. Unless the coat is oversized, it should sit comfortably well on top of whatever you’re wearing. The trick is to make sure it’s neither too tight nor hanging like a blanket on your shoulders. A wool overcoat is a great option to wear over your shirt and trousers. And if you want a more modern look, try wearing a check-patterned overcoat. 


#3. Shopping 


Imagine yourself out shopping and having a great time. What if it starts to rain all of a sudden? Your shopping expedition would no longer be as enjoyable as you deemed it to be. In fact, it would become a hassle to protect your new things and yourself at the same time. And if you’re wearing something heavy you’ll also struggle to move around easily and would get tired quite soon (after all you also have to carry your newly shopped things). 


When out shopping you need a coat that is warm, lightweight, and comfortable enough for you to wander through the city with complete ease. The puffer jacket would be a good choice in this regard. Its padded design would keep you dry and warm. It is also very lightweight hence comfortable enough to allow you to shop freely. Some styles come with a hood which not just looks very stylish but also guards you against rains and winds. 


#4. Every day-Casual Meetups 


When wandering through the streets of the town, you need to be wearing something very lightweight, comfortable but also stylish. Denim jackets are your best bet for streetwear. They can be worn with almost every kind of casual outfit. And no, you don’t have to settle for the classic light blue. You can easily find varieties in black, dark blue, and even white denim. The darker varieties can also be worn to a casual lunch or dinner with friends. Just make sure they fit you well and don’t have any rips or tears. 


5#. Drinks With Friends

Leather jackets are not just meant for bikers. You can wear them to casual dinners and drinks as well. They can be matched and paired with a dress shirt and dark jeans, making you look effortlessly suave. Besides, leather is a very warm fabric so you won’t have to worry about catching a chill. But keep it simple; don’t go overboard with accessories like chains, etc. 


6#. Casual Business Events

If you’re looking to wear something ‘smart causal’ (not too formal neither too causal) to a business lunch or a family dinner, a sports jacket or a well-fitting blazer would do the trick. You can find a great variety of them in different materials and colors. Pick the one that pairs well with the kinds of clothes you intend to wear. Blazers are not quite as formal as a suit jacket. But they help give you an appearance that is groomed and sharp. Wear a nice pair of chinos or slacks and a tucked-in shirt (even a skinny tie would do if you wish to accessorize) along and you’ll look like the best-dressed guy at the party. 



Having a good collection of coats in your wardrobe would save you a lot of hassle as you’ll easily find something suitable to wear at different events and places. So invest in good quality coats to always be appropriately ‘dressed for the occasion.’