New Trend: Fox Eye Makeup

First of all, how did Fox Eye makeup come into our day so quickly? Fox eye make-up makes it look like a raised eyebrow and at the same time the eye shape looks like an "almond eye".

New Trend: Fox Eye Makeup
New Trend: Fox Eye Makeup


There are multiple different eye makeup techniques to have attractive looks. It's easy to catch a deep look with eyeliner! Our topic today is Fox eye makeup, which is the most well-known makeup trend of recent times . What is fox eye makeup? How is it done? Why was it loved so much? Let's talk a little bit about this makeup…

First of all, how did Fox Eye makeup come into our day so quickly? Fox eye make-up makes it look like a raised eyebrow and at the same time the eye shape looks like an "almond eye". So, when this is the case, all women started to try, saying what is this Fox eye makeup! The result is excellent. First of all, we can say that one of the reasons for the spread of makeup so quickly is that it is given a lot of space in Tiktok videos. It took a short time for this make-up technique to be known, thanks to the phenomena who made videos by doing Fox eye make-up on the Tiktok platform.

Who wouldn't want to try this make-up, which has become popular recently, making the eyebrows raised and slanted in their eyes? Now let's talk about how to do Fox eye makeup tutorial.


Fox Eye Makeup Step 1: Hair Gathering Method

You may not do this step first, but if you collect your hair as we will explain, you will do Fox eye eye makeup just as easily. Starting from the hair at the level of your eyebrows, you should collect your hair from above and tightly with a small hairpin. Thus, your eyebrows will be lifted up and your eyes will be slanted. We do not recommend doing this hair collection technique every day. Because when you collect your hair tightly, your facial area between your hair and eyebrow will be stretched and when you open your hair, it will relax. When you try to do Fox eye makeup by collecting your hair in this way every day, your skin may sag. By constantly tightening and loosening, you will also be sagging your skin. This is something we don't want.

Fox Eye Makeup Step 2: Brushing the Eyebrows Up

You gathered your hair tightly from the top and with it, your eyebrows were also lifted up. Now you need to comb your eyebrows upwards. Except for fox eye makeup, you should definitely comb your eyebrows upwards, even in normal daily makeup. It will add depth and a different atmosphere to your looks. When you comb your eyebrows upwards with a transparent mascara, they will appear much higher than the row they are in. This will allow you to get a different look before you even start your Fox eye makeup.

Fox Eye Makeup Step 3: Nude Eye Contour

If you have done both steps mentioned above, now it's time to make eye contours in nude tones for Fox eye makeup! For this, you must have headlights in natural tones. You can use the eyeshadow in nude tones as a transition shade to shade the fold area of your eye. Then, you should distribute the dark eyeshadow to the fold line by using a headlight one or two tones darker than the first nude shade you used. In this way, you will instantly notice the change in your eyes with the headlights. With the darkest brown tone in the eyeshadow palette, you should make a line at the end of your eye as if you were drawing an eyeliner line. Finally, in this process you will see that your eyes are drawn upwards.

Fox Eye Makeup Step 4: Magic Eyeliner

We have come to one of the last steps to complete the Fox eye makeup; eyeliner use! In Fox eye make-up, you should take care to be thin while pulling your eyeliner. You should apply eyeliner to the inner and outer areas of your eyes. You can take a look at Flormar eyeliner pencils that will allow you to apply eyeliner directly in one go.

Fox Eye Makeup Step 5: The Final Touch of Mascara!

We have come to the mascara, which creates incredible effects even in a daily make-up and instantly changes the look! We cannot imagine an eye makeup without mascara. We can say that mascara is the complement of all eye make-ups. To complete the Fox eye makeup, you can apply mascara towards the outer part of your eyelashes.