How to remove PDF Files Restrictions for Opening Copying Editing and Printing?

Easily remove PDF Files Restrictions for Opening, Copying, Editing, and Printing with the help of the PDF Password Remover Software

How to remove PDF Files Restrictions for Opening Copying  Editing and Printing?
How to remove PDF Files Restrictions for Opening Copying  Editing and Printing?

In this blog, we will share some of the techniques for removing restrictions for opening, copying, editing, and printing restrictions from PDF documents. Before proceeding with the method, let's take a look at some information about PDF files. 

What are PDF files

PDF files are used by many users around the world. Often pdf files are protected by passwords and are encrypted. This is done to save the content of the PDF file. If the user wants to access the contents of this PDF file, then they have to decrypt the file using the private key.

In this blog, we will share some of the master techniques from the PDF document. 

 Method 1: Remove password encryption using Google Chrome

Follow the steps below.

  •  Drag the PDF file to a new tab to access it, or right-click the PDF file. 
  •  Click Open and select a search from the drop-down list. 
  • Right-click the PDF document and click the Print tab. 
  • Select the printer option as "Microsoft Print to PDF" and click Print Options. 

This process saves the PDF without any restrictions.

 Method 2: Unprotect PDF files in Adobe Acrobat Pro

Follow these steps

  •  Download Adobe Reader and install it on your system. 
  •  Open the PDF file you want to open. 
  •  Then go to the File menu and then go to the Properties
  •  After it clicks on the Permission Details. 
  •  Then go to the Security tab and select the No Security option. 
  • In the drop-down list on the Security tab, redirect to the Remove password option.
  •  Save the PDF file to the desired location.

 Method 3: Use the free utility available in the browser

If you are considering removing PDF protection from your Android or portable device, you can use this method. A problem that users may face with this method is that it can only be used to decrypt small PDF files. Users can unlock PDF files using web applications regardless of platform. B. Windows OS, Mac OS, iOS, Android, etc.

Method 4- The third-party Tool

Download this free PDF Password Remover online!

Users need to use this free PDF Password Remover online to remove passwords from PDF files. The application can be easily followed by any user without obligation. The excellent user-friendly interface allows all users to remove passwords from PDF files.

To remove the password from the PDF file:

  1. Click the Remove Password check box.
  2. It can provide 2 options to select single or multiple PDF files.
  3. Then, it shows the live preview of all your PDF files/folders.
  4. Browse to the location where you want to save files.
  5. Finally, click the "Remove security now" tab to unlock to PDF files.

Users can easily remove the restrictions for the opening, copying, or editing as well as printing of the PDF files. Using a third-party app is a reliable solution for every user to use for.

Features of the PDF Password Remover Tool

Here are the features that are provided by this advanced PDF Recovery application. Let us have a look at the features of the app;

  1. Independent app- Outlook PDF Password Remover Standalone software does not require any other application to remove passwords from PDF and recover password-protected files. You can directly carry out the password removal procedure.
  2. Fast Recovery- The Pdf file can be recovered in bulk using this Sophisticated program This means a user can select multiple PDF files in just a single click and apply for the removal of the Password. This feature saves a lot of time for the users and offers the possibility of mass recovery.
  3. Complex PDF Password Recovery- This PDF Password Recovery Software performs the recovery of PDF files with long or multilingual passwords. Password length is not taken into account. The tool decrypts all the selected PDF file passwords of any character length.
  4. Delete old passwords- Users can use this tool to remove old passwords. Users just have to select the PDF file with the old password and let the application do the job. The app can easily remove old passwords and prevent PDF file protection.
  5. Higher compatibility- The application supports all Windows versions. Windows 32 and 64-bit are well supported by the program. Also, the tool can be used in any of the Windows Vista or Windows XP versions.
  6. Free Download- Download this PDF Password Recovery tool now. The tool provides a free demo version of the app. The free version is for everyone who wants to try out this tool and test the software they are using. This helps users to check out each feature of the utility.
  7. Lightweight Tool- This PDF Password Recovery Solution is a lightweight application. It occupies a few MB of data space on your hard drive to assist. The tool can be easily downloaded and used by any user.

These features help every single user to remove the password of the PDF files.


In this blog, we will know about the information to remove password protection from PDF files. A user can follow the manual method or can use this third-party app for removing the password. Also, there are many advanced features that are provided by the app for easy recovery of the password.