How to Create PayPal Account in Pakistan

These are the questions that people ask more often so we will try to answer all of them in this article but first, we will tell you about “How to make PayPal in Pakistan”. We are going to answer everyone of them in this article.

How to Create PayPal Account in Pakistan
How to Create PayPal Account in Pakistan

Want to know how to make PayPal in Pakistan? Make sure that you read the whole guide because we have taken into account all the ways that you can make a working PayPal account and brought the best for the best tips for you!

History of PayPal

In 2019, one American company which remained in limelight in Pakistan was PayPal. PayPal declined the Pakistani Government offer to initiate its services in Pakistan.

The question is why the Pakistani Government wants PayPal to start its services in Pakistan. To find the answer to that question you can look at some of the stats related to freelancers and SMEs (small and medium).

Pakistan is the fourth largest freelancer community in the world. According to an estimate of Payoneer, Pakistani freelance community bring about $1 billion to Pakistan via other sources.

According to one estimate Pakistan has around 200,000 freelancers and over 7,000 registered SMEs (small and medium). If you look at stats you will see that a lot of people can use the services of PayPal.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an American company which provide online payments system to people worldwide. PayPal enables you to pay, send money and accept payments online. PayPal charges a fee in exchange for their services like one-click transactions and password memory.

PayPal is one of the most secure and fastest ways to send and receive money online. PayPal provides its services in 202 markets and it has 286 million active, registered accounts. You can send, receive and hold funds in 25 currencies worldwide if you have a PayPal account.  

PayPal was established in December 1998 as Confinity. In March 2000 Confinity was merged with Elon Musk founded which later changed its name to PayPal in 2001. You can use PayPal on your smartphone. PayPal app is available both in android and IOS.

This is the image of a man using PayPal on his smartphone.

Benefits of Using PayPal

PayPal is a simple and fast way to send, receive money and buy things online. On many websites, you will see PayPal as the preferred method of payment. There are several benefits of PayPal and some of it is given below:

· Flexibility for Sellers

PayPal enables sellers to accept payments from buyers quickly and easily. 

· Speed

PayPal allows its members to make an instant transfer of money. PayPal members can transfer money from PayPal accounts to bank accounts in less than 24 hours.

· Affordability

PayPal transaction fee is also low and affordable for many people. The fee to use PayPal is 30 cents per transaction, plus 3% of the total amount of the transaction.

· Safe Buying

PayPal members offer guarantees to buyers and sellers as well. They have a process for disputed transactions so a buyer won’t have to worry when they did not get what they have ordered.

· Account Privacy

PayPal gives users protection and provides a much better level of account protection as compared to competitors. 

· Ease of Record Keeping

PayPal members can easily keep track of all the transactions.

· Acceptance Online

Most e-commerce website uses PayPal as their payment method. So members of PayPal can easily shop on these websites.

Why International E-commerce players and Freelancers need PayPal?

We all know that Pakistan E-commerce and the freelance market has huge potential. Small companies in cities like Sialkot and Faisalabad have the potential to set up their brands online and sell their products internationally. All international customers trust PayPal and PayPal research shows exactly that.

With PayPal as your payment gateway can increase sales of your e-commerce website by up to 50 per cent. Trust is one of the important factors in e-commerce and freelancing.

With PayPal, our people can get more business from international customers due to the trust factor in PayPal. People who are running their e-commerce websites and getting work from sites like Fiverr, Upwork and People per hour use the accounts of their relatives who are living abroad. With PayPal, they can easily receive payments from international clients.

This is the image describing why we should use a money sending service like PayPal.

Due to no availability of PayPal in Pakistan, people search a lot about “How to make PayPal in Pakistan”. People search about PayPal on Google and ask like questions like

  • Can you use PayPal in Pakistan
  • Is PayPal banned in Pakistan
  • How can I withdraw money from PayPal in Pakistan

These are the questions that people ask more often so we will try to answer all of them in this article but first, we will tell you about “How to make PayPal in Pakistan”. We are going to answer everyone of them in this article.

To make a PayPal account in Pakistan you need to follow some steps. However, if you have a relative abroad who has a PayPal account then you don’t need to fill sign up form on PayPal.

PayPal Sign Up

To create a PayPal account you need to follow some guidelines:

  • Open the PayPal website.
  • Click on Sign Up for free.
  • Click on the Personal Account or business depending on your needs and then click on the “Next”.
  • Enter your email address and create a password. Choose a strong password so that nobody else can access your PayPal account.
  • Enter a valid email address because you have to verify your account.
  • Now fill out all the information required to create PayPal account.
  • You must have a valid address of any country where PayPal is operating because PayPal does not operate in Pakistan.
  • After filling all the relevant information, you need to confirm your email address. If you don’t confirm your email address then you will not be able to receive payment.
  • You can confirm your email address by going into your mail.
  • Click on “Yes, this is my email” button in the email message to confirm your email address.

You can create a business account as well and PayPal offers two options in business account category. One is the standard account and other is a pro account. In the standard account, customers must route through PayPal to check out.

In Pro accounts, you get full control over how you want to design the checkout process. The cost of this account is $30 per month. The Standard free business account is best for users who buy and sell a lot of things on eBay.