Hina Khan, Malaika Arora who swear by aloe vera for great skin and hair

Since we all look up to our favourite celebs for skincare tips and tricks, they happily share their beauty secrets with their fans through various platforms. Here're a few!

Hina Khan, Malaika Arora  who swear by aloe vera for great skin and hair
Hina Khan, Malaika Arora who swear by aloe vera for great skin and hair

Even though we do not have to wear makeup for 18 hours a day for shoots like celebs, our skin still needs a proper skincare routine along with a weekly deep cleansing session. Along with it, other treatments or remedies can also be adapted in a skincare routine to treat particular skin issues like ageing signs, dark spots, pimples, hyperpigmentation, etc. A lot of these skin issues can be fixed at home with a few home remedies. If you do not believe me, listen to your favourite B-town and telly stars and learn how they keep their skin nourished, glowing and healthy. And, not just skin, but hair too. 

In interviews, on social media and various other platforms, these actresses have vouched for the skin and hair benefits of aloe vera. Take a look!

Celebs who use aloe vera for skin and hair remedies

  1. Hina Khan
  2. Malaika Arora
  3. Sonakshi Sinha
  4. Dipika Kakar
  5. Alia Bhatt

Hina Khan

Television-turned-Bollywood actress Hina Khan, who made her silver screen debut with Hacked, once shared a YouTube video to reveal the secret of her glowing skin. She shared how she makes frozen aloe vera cubes at home and how it benefits her skin. The actress shared by rubbing aloe vera cubes on your face before makeup can help tighten pores and help with the smoother application of makeup.

Malaika Arora

Bollywood actress and reality TV show judge Malaika Arora once shared a video on Instagram to talk about her beauty secrets. The diva revealed that she uses aloe vera gel for a scar-free mask.

While sharing the video, she wrote, "Skin issue is something that almost everyone in the world resonates with irrespective of their age or gender. Some have dry skin, some have oily, some have acne-prone skin and some have extremely sensitive skin like I do. I have to be extremely careful of what I put in my skin cos any wrong product can do more damage than benefit. A natural ingredient that I swear by for my skin is fresh Aloe vera gel right from my very own home garden. Fresh Aloe vera agrees with most of the skin types so anyone can try it. Just cut one piece, slice it open and scoop up the gooey goodness from within and apply it evenly on your face like a cooling mask. Rinse it with cold water after some time and voila! Your skin will feel fresh and smooth all day long. #AloeLove #OrganicSkinCare #HomeGarden #SkinCare."

Sonakshi Sinha

In an interview with Vogue, Sonakshi Sinha shared how she uses aloe vera to get maximum benefits for her skin and hair. She regularly uses fresh aloe vera for her skin. Sonakshi said, “I regularly use fresh aloe vera on my skin. Any bruises, blemishes instantly disappear with aloe vera, it’s the best thing for the skin.” She also shared that she likes to keep her skincare and haircare regime simple and easy.

Dipika Kakar

Just like Hina, Dipika also likes to use a cold compress to depuff her skin. She uses also vera ice cubes or normal ice cubes to massage her skin before applying makeup. She also uses aloe vera gel to treat acne spots, blemishes and other skin issues. The diva often shares her skincare and haircare routine on her YouTube channel. The actress also adds aloe vera to her hair mask to treat various scalp issues.

Alia Bhatt

Once Alia was asked if she uses natural methods in her day-to-day skincare routine. In response, Alia said: “I’m all in for natural form of medicines even whether it is Ayurveda or homoeopathy or anything. From Fuller’s earth, aloe vera…all these things that are nice for your skin and I’m up for that.”