Directly Export Email from O365 Webmail to PST Format

Simply export email from Office 365 webmail to PST format with the help of Office 365 to PST Tool

Directly Export Email from O365 Webmail to PST Format

As we know that Office 365 is a very popular cloud supported email application that attracts lot of users from various email platforms. Currently, many of the users wants to shift their data into O365 from different apps. But what you will do when you need to access your data into MS Outlook email client from O365 webmail? For this, you all require a perfect solution that helps you to export email from O365 webmail to PST file format so that you can access the PST output files into MS Outlook. A day ago, I got one of the user query i.e. how to export PST file from Office 365 webmail?

To solve the above user query, I decided to write up this blog material that inclides the complete power-pack solution for you to resolve this Office 365 Backup issues. In this blog post, we will explore the different ideas that will export email from O365 webmail to PST format without any problem. To collect all the solutions, you can quickly follow the entire blog material. So, keep reading...

Different Methods for How to Export PST File from Office 365 Webmail

In this section, we will discuss two methods to export email from O365 webmail to PST file format. To know about the both methods, follow the next section and collect the method one by one.

Method 1: Export Office 365 to PST Via eDiscovery Method

In this section, we will go through the manual working steps to export Office 365 webmail to PST format. So, let's start to follow the steps that we have discussed below:

  1. First you can go to login to the Exchange Admin Center by entering the details of Office 365 webmail account.
  2. Go to the Permissions >> Admin Roles >> Discovery Management >> Mailbox Import Export and hit on the Save.
  3. Now, choose Compliance Management and press in-place eDiscovery & hold >> New(+).
  4. Under this new wizard, type the Name and Description and hit Next.
  5. Now to save PST from Office 365 webmail, select the desired Mailboxes option.
  6. And, then under the Search Query wizard you can choose the required filters and quickly proceed to click on the Next button.
  7. Under the In-Place Hold Settings wizard, provide the number of days for the data items to be preserved, before getting removed or deleted from the server.
  8. Then, press on the Finish button to export Office 365 emails to PST file.
  9. In this step, you will see the list of all the generated search. After that, press the Preview search results.
  10. And then, press on the Download to export the PST data files to the desktop.
  11. After that you will run the security warning when the dialog box is displayed.
  12. In the eDiscovery PST Export Tool dialog box, choose the any location in which you need to saved your exported PST file.
  13. Now, press on the Start to begin the conversion process i.e., to save Office 365 mailbox to PST.
  14. Type the login credentials of Office 365 webmail account and hit OK button.
  15. After getting the successful results, quickly press on the Close button.

Why Manual Method is Not Suggested by Professionals?

Well! there are lot of negative points of manual method that all are the reasons profesionals not suggested this manual working steps. Let's have a look on the different drawbacks of manual method that we have

discussed below:

  • It includes very lengthy process due to which users don't want to adopt this method.
  • It takes too much time becasue all the steps need to be performed by the performer.
  • This method does not permits to export selective option for the data items.
  • Only the technically strong person can perform the manual steps to export PST files from Office 365.

Method 2: Save O365 Webmail to PST using Professional Tool

In this section, users can simply download Office 365 to PST Tool on Windows machine and follow the working steps that we have discussed below:

  1. Open the software and choose Ofice 365 Backup option on the first screen and click Next.
  2. Go to the Add button or + sign and import the O365 accounts for backup into PST by adding login details.
  3. After adding the accounts, you can click on the Next button that opens a new wizard.
  4. In this, you can choose the folder from which you need to extract your O365 data. And, then hit Next.
  5. Under the new Window, choose the folders from the left and select PST as saving output option in the list of multiple options.
  6. Utilize all the advance options and filters and then, add the location for output PST files. And, click on the backup that start the process.

Benefits of Professional Tool

  • It offers very simple and short working guide to export email from O365 webmail to PST.
  • The tool provide a familiar interface for all the users and it facilitates successful backup results.
  • It includes the batch facility for exporting bundles of email folders from O365 to PST at once.
  • It is capable to export Office 365 webmail mailbox data to PST including emails, contacts, calendars, etc.
  • The software retains all email details as it is and preserves folder structure in a same manner.
  • Get the selective folder backup facility in which you can freely choose the folders for backup.
  • It supports all Microsoft Outlook editions such as 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.
  • This software is easy to accessible on all Windows OS platforms.

Final Conclusion

In the complete discussion, we have discussed two methods to export email from O365 webmail to PST format. Users can opt any of the solution as per the requirement. To choose the professional tool, first you can download free trial edition that can export your first 100 emails and 25 other items from O365 to PST format without any cost.

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