Best Reseller Hosting Plans for Compete in Market

Reseller hosting can be extremely lucrative–and not just for traditional resellers. Whether it’s an add-on to your existing business, a side hustle, or the start of a standalone hosting company, there are plenty of ways to turn a profit in this space. And, with white labeling, you’ll be able to sell these services with your own branding.

Best Reseller Hosting Plans for Compete in Market

HostGator Review — The Best for Hosting Clients with Basic Sites:

HostGator is a great pick for resellers that host small businesses and other organizations that don’t have super complex websites. You can easily provide hosting for these clients and take advantage of HostGator’s competitive pricing.

The reason I recommend HostGator for people that are hosting smaller sites is that you’ll max out the server resources too quickly if you’re hosting something with too much traffic. A big eCommerce site, according to HostGator, is probably better suited on a VPS or dedicated server. HostGator offers those types of hosting, but not for resellers.

You also don’t have as much control over the server with HostGator reseller hosting. Of course, if your clients don’t need anything fancy, you won’t have to tinker with the backend at all.

Really, HostGator takes care of most of the IT legwork, leaving you an uncluttered management interface that lets you accomplish things in a few clicks. You can monitor your sites, customize your cPanel branding, and manage all your users in WHM.

So that’s the tradeoff–a little bit less control for you, but a lot less work because HostGator handles so much of the day-to-day maintenance.

One thing to consider is keeping the easy clients to host yourself and sending the labor and resource-intensive clients to HostGator. You can set up an affiliate deal with them and earn up to $125 per signup.

Even if you only refer a few people successfully, it would cover a year’s worth of your hosting costs. You’ll be making money off the trickier clients without having to absorb a whole new set of IT headaches.

HostGator includes an array of helpful features to make your job as a reseller easier and more lucrative:

  • Domain reselling
  • Merchant gateways
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free WHMCS
  • Private name servers
  • Spam protection
  • Courtesy weekly backups

This last point, the free weekly backups, is really helpful. It’s not a full-scale disaster recovery failsafe, but it’s a zero-effort insurance policy that protects you and your clients if someone makes a mistake.

A lot of the time, backups are completely on you. It’s just one more way HostGator makes your job as a reseller so much easier.

There is five HostGator reseller hosting plans available. The first three are pictured below:

The Aluminum plan is aimed at people who are just getting into the reselling game and priced accordingly. For $19.95 per month, you are looking at 60 GB of storage and 600 GB of bandwidth. This is very generous considering the price.

What’s even better is that WHMCS is included free, no matter what plan you pick. You’ll find that it’s often an add-on cost with similarly low-priced plans. HostGator includes it at no cost.

If you need to upgrade from Aluminum or need more resources, HostGator’s plans stay affordable. So long as you aren’t trying to host sites with millions of visitors, you can scale up to get the resources you need.

The price is going to increase upon renewal. This is par for the course with hosting, but you should be aware of it.

Playing the low-maintenance reseller game can be really rewarding. Not every business needs a high-octane website, but they still need great hosting. 

HostGator has a 99.99% uptime guarantee. In fact, should you get anything less, HostGator will actually credit you a full month of service. It’s a real guarantee, not just something the company says.

And should your clients run into another type of issue that you can’t solve yourself, HostGator customer support is always available via live chat, phone, or submitting a ticket.

You can try HostGator free for more than a month. The company has a 45-day refund policy if you aren’t happy.