8 Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Suitable Packaging

8 Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Suitable Packaging

We have all wanted to send a product to another place, whether a personal shipment or a company shipment. We usually think that any packaging box can serve for the shipment. Are you sure about it?

There are parts of the shipping process that we do not control like how it will be stacked, treated, the gaps inside (and no, it's not worth using newspaper), and many others. So what is the best packaging solution?

We have prepared this practical decalogue with eight key points to consider to choose the best custom printed cigar boxes. We hope they help you.

  1. Determine what the product is.

We need to consider key issues when choosing the right packaging solution for the product we want to pack. Let us list down these issues!

  • State (if it is solid, liquid).
  • Dimensions.
  • Weight-volume relationship.
  • The layout of the product inside the box
  • Fragility goes directly inside the box or has protection elements.
  • Specific conservation needs to be required.
  • Product weight.

A custom packaging box is a great protector for fragile products or products that may have problems caused by sun exposure, water, humidity. If your product is perishable or can be affected by these external factors, cardboard is a good idea. 

  1. Internal conditioning.

Does your product fit in the packaging box or not? Is it made of different materials? Is the product fragile or not? And is the shape geometric or abstract?

Depending on these questions, we will choose the appropriate packing fill material. Keep in mind that the product can be damaged during transit. Therefore, it is important to assess the different types of padding and packaging to ensure that it is as protected as possible.

  1. Packaging handling.

Treating cardboard packaging within transport companies' facilities is another aspect to consider. Their handling also influences the resistance of the cardboard that we require. We assume that logistic and shipping companies deal with the boxes carefully during shipments, but there may be accidents or circumstances in which good packaging conditions would prevent a mishap. Enjoy peace of mind with the guarantees of good protection.

  1. Box storage:

Consider whether the packaging boxes are stored on shelves or stacked because the weight that the packaging box needs to support will depend on it. Have you considered it? This aspect also involves determining whether the storage will be indoors or outdoors. Additionally, it is also essential to determine the duration.

  1. The type of packaging that we are going to use:

We will define what shape we want it to have, format, dimensions, cardboard thickness, the opening system, the possibility of reuse. Find out more about the types of closures for cardboard boxes.

We recall that protecting the environment, caring for the planet, saving energy, and minimizing waste have led the packaging firms in the international market to prefer reusable packaging, custom packaging boxes becoming a good option.

Additionally, there are more and more types of materials that adapt to the specific needs of each client, their impact being less on the environment. Being responsible is the order of the day are no more excuses. 

  1. External box design.

Do you already know which is the best packaging for your product? It is time to see the type of identification that we want to appear. For brand image, we recommend some graphic symbols regarding the handling, storage, or transport that the product may require, guaranteeing that the product arrives in the best possible conditions.

For example, if the product we send is fragile, you should include symbols that warn of it so that the person who moves it is careful.

Once we know the symbols we want to appear on the packaging, we will choose the type of printing like phlebography, offset, and digital.

At this point, we highlight the importance of personalization, the latest trend in our daily lives. If you need any extra accessories like die-cut handles, windows, display format, you can go for any of them. These possibilities are varied every day.

  1. Transportation and delivery:

Determine the type of transport in which our custom CBD boxes will go to their destination, whether by land, sea, or air.

The shipment can be by urgent or normal transport, depending, we recommend using padding or not in the box to avoid fractures with the necessary warning symbols.

The most important thing is that the product reaches the customer intact, so we must monitor each process step.

  1. Legislation:

In some cases, a series of regulations are imposed according to the product characteristics and demands on the packaging. We must review them and take them into account.

We hope that this decalogue of eight key points has been very useful to you.